Pastor warns about the battle of the mind: “There are demons trying to influence our thoughts”

Joel Engel discusses the influence of evil spirits on family conflicts and the need for prayer and fasting to fight these spiritual forces.


ATUALIZADO: 27 de junho de 2024


Illustrative picture. (Photo: Pexels/Alex Green)


Pastor Joel Engel issued a warning to Christians about “an ongoing war in the spiritual world”,  reflecting events on earth. In a sermon delivered this month, the Christian leader illustrated this battle using everyday situations.

“You are at home, getting along well with your wife and children. Suddenly, a fight breaks out. You don’t understand why, but great anger consumes you at that moment. After the rage subsides, comes regret. This is caused by evil spirits, who have come to kill, steal, and destroy – as Jesus said,” he points out.

The pastor emphasized that Christians’ struggle is not against other people but against spiritual forces. “We should not be angry with our wives, accuse our husbands, or have a fight with our neighbors, because our enemy is not flesh and blood. The Bible says our struggle is against principalities and powers.”

Addressing couples, Engel urged attentiveness during conflicts: “Husbands and wives, pay attention to what happens during a fight. Have you noticed that the more you argue, the more hurtful words come out? Suddenly, you bring up past sins and begin accusing each other.”

Engel believes spiritual battles permeate all spheres of life. “There’s a spiritual battle going on all the time in our lives. We are tempted 24 hours a day. This battle happens in the mind, at  home, and in the country. We have thoughts of fear, doubt, and comparison 24/7, and you have to understand: there are demons trying to influence our thoughts.”

Spiritual weapons

The pastor highlighted the need for spiritual readiness in these struggles, remembering the need for the armor of God described in Ephesians 6:10–18. “The apostle Paul instructs us: if you’re going into war, you must put on armor, for there will be an evil day.”

Engel examined in detail each piece of the spiritual armor:

    1. Belt of Truth: “Symbolizes God’s truth, which supports and stabilizes the Christian’s life.”
    2. Breastplate of righteousness: “Represents God’s righteousness imputed to us through Jesus Christ.”
    3. Fitting our feet with the Gospel of Peace: “The Gospel of Peace gives us sure footing to hold firm against evil attacks and the steadfastness to move forward with determination.”
    4. Shield of faith: “Faith is confidence in God and His promises, extinguishing all the flaming arrows of the evil one”
    5. Helmet of salvation: “Salvation is the assurance of eternal life and protection against despair and mental confusion.”
    6. Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: “The Bible, God’s word, is powerful and effective for confronting and defeating evil.”

The power of prayer and fasting

Pastor Joel Engel concluded his message stressing the importance of prayer and fasting, using the biblical example of Daniel:

“Daniel fasted and prayed for 21 days. He engaged in an intense prayer battle until an angel finally appeared to help.”

Engel draws a parallel between Daniel’s experience and celestial courts: “There is a court in heaven formed by a judge, an accuser, and a defender. When the verdict is pronounced, all of God’s army mobilizes to ensure it is fulfilled. That’s why angels tried to hinder the messenger on his way.”

He concluded by encouraging Christians to fervently intercede for their nation: “Servants of God need to present their cases in the heavenly courts and cry out, ‘Lord, come in favor of this nation.’ This is exactly what Daniel did. Our righteous judge is always ready to answer prayers based on Scripture.

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