Christians interecede 24/7 for Brazilian State devasted ny floods: ‘Prayer is a wall’

Pastor Joel Engel mobilizes the Church, seeing the tragedy as an opportunity for revival


ATUALIZADO: 3 de junho de 2024


Since the tragedy that struck the Southern Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul, in May, christians have been gathering in mountain vigils, led by Pastor Joel Engel. They meet at a city called Faxinal do Soturno. The 24/7 prayer shifts, intensified after the onset of the floods, have been a true ‘wall’ for the affected community.

Speaking to christian news website Guiame, Pastor Joel Engel shared how the continuous prayer has made a difference in this critical moment:

“Our ministry has a 24/7 prayer tower (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). It serves as a shield of protection for families and for the city. Our State is now facing a battle, so we have intensified our prayers and called brothers to join us in continous prayer. We understand theres is a gigantic spiritual battle happening in the South of Brazil,” he says.

24/7 prayer as a wall

The practice of uninterrupted prayer has been essential for Engel Ministry. The pastor described the importance of this incessant activity:

“24/7 prayer builds a wall around the city. We witnessed this on the day the rains began; we were in a fervent prayer meeting in the city of  Santa Maria. That’s why it’s important to have 24/7 prayer in all cities because it serves as a protective agent,” he observes.

The pastor witnessed answers to prayers even amidst calamity:

“We prayed for God to stop the rains and the winds, and we saw God respond during the following days. Intercessory prayer is very important to block the enemy’s decrees. The devil made decrees to take our State and our nation.”

Joel Engel mentioned events he considers part of a spiritual attack against the nation. “We saw a true satanic ritual in Rio de Janeiro during Madonna’s concert in early May, when the floods began”, he stated.

The pastor added: “We have seen doors opened to thousands of demons, who are attacking our nation in various ways, using governments and authorities to make legal drug usage, abortion, etc. When all of God’s people come together to pray, we can prevent these designs of the enemy.”

God’s Presence in tragedy

In addition to prayers, the Engel Ministry has been mobilizing practical relief efforts. Intercession and action groups have been distributing aid to families affected by floods, demonstrating both spiritual and material commitment to the community.

“We need to bring the bread from heaven and also from the earth. We are working on two fronts: prayer, as we have always done, and also providing relief. When the need arose in the South of the country, we set up a support network for families who lost everything and called for help from brothers across the country. This is a way to bring the true Gospel. At this moment, we don’t question why, nor do we seek to delve into whether it was God’s punishment, a satanic action or just government negligence.”

For Engel, the tragedy has been a moment of profound reflection, emphasizing that God is present during the crisis. 

“Where is God in the midst of tragedy? God is saving lives and using people as sent angels. Many are working to provide relief,” he says.

The pastor also highlighted God’s ability to use common people to make a difference:

“It’s amazing how God is using regular people to bring blankets, clothes, and food to those affected. This tragedy has generated a commotion like we’ve never seen before.”

Opportunity for revival

Pastor Engel sees in the relief efforts and mobilization in prayer a “chance for revival”.

“This movement came from God and can generate a great revival. When we bring help to people, we have the opportunity to preach the Gospel, and these people are encouraged to make a covenant with Jesus”, he added.

When ministering to those affected in Rio Grande do Sul, the pastor says he shares a message of hope: “I usually give the following message for these people: God did not plan any disaster for us, on the contrary. God says, through the prophet Jeremiah, that his plans are for peace, prosperity, and a happy future.”

So, where does a disaster like this come from? Engel says the answer is in the Bible: “We live in a world where there is the action of God and the action of Satan. Just as God uses man as His agent, Satan also uses man as his agent. The actions of man also produce violent disasters, and these men are inspired by the enemy”.

Engel reinforced the vital importance for prayer to face and overcome the crisis:

“At this time, prayer is fundamental for God to raise up help”.