Global Attack Strength of Prayer

FONTE: Ministério Engel

ATUALIZADO: 18 de outubro de 2016


Our vision and dream has been up prayer groups to grow and multiply prayer and worship 24/7 to cover all land of honor to our God. The purpose of the Attack Force is up prayer groups to form a greater arm to give coverage to our ministries, while we produces and do campaigns nationally or internationally. Our main goal is to encourage, train, motivate and mobilize Christians around the world to join us in order to put a prayer coverage about their families, their cities, nations and the world. We believe that Jesus Christ will return in response to the cry of his people, who search and want his return, so we are making a call to the body of Christ to direct your focus and start praying to Jesus returns.

The Prayer Command Centers 

When millions of Christians join, establishing prayer command centers in their homes, schools and workplaces, to pray for the return of Jesus Christ, I believe that intercession coverage will be raised so that no power of the enemy can penetrate and the Lord will come again in response to the cry of his people.

In Revelation 22:20 it is written “Now, come Lord Jesus”, then that is our motivation: to raise Houses of Prayer 24h. For this, first we need to recruit millions of intercessors around the world, making them members of the prayer cover, praying for one another. For many souls are met, we wish to establish state and regional leaders in the Force of Global Prayer attack on all nations.

Plans and Targets 

Mobilize intercessors to be part of this project, until we reach a million World Prayer Command Centers, in homes, schools, workplaces, etc. These people should meet at least once a week, but the ideal is prayer terms every day and we are closing groups 24 hours a day, so they can take turns. Through this Prayer Center, specific for regions and places, always have cover before we go to some mission. When we go to some places, always mobilized groups to pray and fast before for that location. For example, we go to Africa in November, so we are already preparing the territory of that continent. We pray for God to raise up people there to be demarcating territory, fasting, praying, lifting other people, so we can get there. We have also established a prayer watch. It can be divided into 15-minute intervals. Thus, a group of 94 persons closes 24 hours. It can be at home or anywhere.

Emergency Prayer Group 

Another burning desire in our hearts is also to raise in every city, an emergency prayer group 24, closing an unbroken chain to meet urgent requests. We are working on this and we have already established in several cities. We also want to establish a network to teach about prayer. From today we will talk about these prayers through a very rich material that I got when I was part of the Ministry of Morris Cerullo, mission to the world, and where we got a prayer manual. Today I am on Mount in my hut, feeling a great need to raise an army to be interceding.

The prophetic prayer mandate 

In Revelation 22:20 the Bible speaks of our global call to prayer. As members of the strike force, it is important to have a clear understanding of the prophetic prayer mandate that God has given us and how he connects to the fulfillment of this mission to the world. We are witnessing an unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit, calling the body of Christ to prayer. Millions of Christians around the world are joining in prayer; teams are traveling to various nations to pray for breaking enemy lines, among a group of people unreached. Prayer meetings, which cover entire cities, is being conducted in various parts. Christians have taken possession of whole streets, through prayer walks, to intercede for communities and cities. God is raising important prayer ministries, such as Peter Wagner and others, as prayer Generals, and many other evangelistic extensions are mobilizing their intercessors. The Global Attack Strength of Prayer will be joining in a chain form with these and other ministries around the world, to see the fulfillment of this mission to reach the world with the gospel. Only by intensifying spiritual war will be able to reach the entire world with the gospel of Christ. Intercessors to mobilize the world to join us, we must stay focused and raise a prayer covering over the world. A powerful cry should be raised to cover the land, “Come Lord Jesus!”

House of Prayer 24/7 in Faxinal of Soturno 

When we started the House of Prayer in the South, God gave specific guidelines and gave us the desire to pray for the return of Jesus. This is the time that every believer should pray for it, in the depths of your heart. There should be a cry, a yearning for the return of Christ. Unfortunately this message or prayer has been very rare. When the church begin to pray, He will be returning, we need to raise a prayer covering over the world. God’s Word is clear on the vital role of prayers and the intercession of his people plays a key role in His plan for the end of time. Before the return of Christ, a vision that the Lord Jesus gave the apostle John in Revelation 5: 7-8, it was the prayers of the saints, being mixed with incense and brought to God. Can you imagine the excitement and glory of this world, at the moment when Christ, the Lamb of God, the redeemer, powerful, winner takes the book from the right hand of God, and the four cherubs, the 24 elders and the thousands of thousands of angels around the throne, looking all holy reverence and fear, waiting for the breaking of the seals that reveal the great plan of God for the end of times? But before Christ unravel the events, the prayers of the saints are brought before God to the heavens and shake the powerful echo of praise, to the extent that all creation joins the heavenly hosts in worship to God and the Lamb in Revelation 8: 1-4.

The importance of the prayers of the saints 

It is very important to understand the meaning of the prayers of God’s people and how prayer this indispensably linked to the Father’s plan for the end of time.

Before the judgment of God is poured upon the impious, first the prayers of his people should be offered on the golden altar before the throne. Prayers light God with incense and become soft scent to her nostrils. In response to the cries and prayers of the saints, the angel took the censer, filled with the fire of the altar and cast on the earth. These prayers release the angels to make sound the seven trumpets that trigger God’s judgment upon the impious. Angels do not act before the prayers of the people ascend to the Lord.

God has given to his church full powers of attorney, we are its delegated authority over the earth. When we raise this prayer coverage of the world, cried with authority for His return, God liberated power to enforce his will in this final hour. Here you understand the prayers of bowls that are filled and manifestations arise through thunderstorms, lightning and rain. So I just go out of the Mount to do something specific to God, when the cups are filled, then the thunder and lightning accompany me, because thousands of angels are released at this time to go with us.